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Very cool animation style. Audio was freaky, but I know that’s the point lol


Yet another exciting episode of Edd egg.

Its not like we see many futa flashes anyways

But i'll give you props for trying and putting it on NG. At least you took the time to make a hentai flash for some people to enjoy. I just wish you added options to this, then it would be more better.

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Fun and simple

This is one way to kill a few minutes. Not only was the game easy, but the controls and plot of the game stayed fairly simple.

It was fun to only put out 5 minutes to get 4 medals. They wern't very hard to achieve but in the end it wasn't easy either.
Especially that secret one.

I love your work and look forward to seeing more.

Most entertaining

Reading the discription I thought to myself, "A single button? This is going to be interesting." And so it was. I had no idea it would go as far as it did.

Addicting to the capital "A".
You've kept me here throughout the whole game. From each level till the last. And to finish it up you left a little joke at the end.
What better way to end a game than with joke.

Although your only control is the left clicker I still found it very fun. What a unique game to have only one button.
I could only wonder how this game would actually turn out, but somehow you found a way to make it both interesting and fun.

There are levels that repeat themselves, and the same idea is played over again. But overall it was a pretty decent game.

Not bad

Not a bad game. Its fun at times but I find myself quickly growing bored of the same thing.

By the way I believe the title screen song is an altered version of the level tune from the DuckTales game. Just a guess.

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I'm a sucker for anything with a piano in it. Love your jingle, makes me want to mingle with the singles. Keep it up Mr. Lawe.

nietzlawe responds:

What if you had to mingle with the singles while wearing gingham sweaters? And who you met was ginger and she was sweating, while eating wheat, whelks and elk, all the same time? Just piled on a plate ready for consumption.

I mean who would be crazy enough to do that, Mr. Wolfe?

I can see all the badies in the back counting dey loot!

nietzlawe responds:

And all the time in the world to count because all the police had been defunded!

This song hits hard...

Jam packed with emotion... I absolutely love what you've done here. I-I can't help but feeling as if I'm about to cry.
It is just so deep. Especially when that piano solo hits. I will be sure to buy the full version at any price it may be listed at.

This would be a great song to listen to along with your beloved one. I'm sure no girl could resist your sweet tune.

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Best comic ever?

When I had first seen this I didn't catch the title. At first I thought, "Ha! Reincarnation at work."

Slug followers?

He is the slug king?
The king of slugs. The slugiest.

But looking through your art I feel a kind of vibe to each piece, on how each of them are some how connected. Either way I like it.

NeverHundred responds:

He actually hates slugs, but unfortunately and unbeknownst to him, he never knew his father, his father is the deity of insects... and he himself is a demi-god of sorts, a demi-god of slugs to be exact.

Tight, tight.

Not bad for 30 minutes.
Actually it's pretty impressive.

Artyluck responds:

Ehm. Maybe.

Come on now... enough about me. Tell me about yourself.

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