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The Perfect Life

2014-10-20 03:10:15 by Keven11Twenty7

What is the perfect life? Well what would the perfect life be described as? Most people would assume having a vast wealth would be part of it, or something as simple as owning a house, car, wife and children. You could also believe the perfect life would be having all ambitions, desires, and dreams in life fulfilled. Though all that may seem true, and to some that one would consider to be the perfect life. I’ve always had a different view.


The coffee in the morning is refreshing as always. Whether you want black, or an intoxicatingly sweet creamed cup of caffeine, the choice is always yours. With unlimited free cups of cappuccino, mocha, or latte’s; you can create as many blends as you want without charge.

The line in the cafeteria is always empty early in the mornings. Although there are so many different choices, I always grab the same combination to complete my morning routine. Taking my time, I relax and drink my coffee. Just sitting there I could be listening to music and drinking mocha for around 45 minutes to an hour before leaving.

I step outside in the evenly chilled air, enough not to need a jacket. Always leaving with a smile. “What is your life worth? How much of that time do you spend playing video games, watching tv, or depressed? What is life worth if all you do is work, or lay around sleeping? There is no proper or correct way to spend your life, or determine its worth. That is completely up to you."

"I—make sure that every second I breathe, is another second I appreciate and another second I spend living my life.”


I wake up and rush at 4:00 AM every morning so that I can eat at the café. It’s the only time it’s not packed and the only time you can run through the line without being late for work in the morning. It’s an easy place to get food even though the establishment takes around $300 out of my paycheck regardless whether or not I eat the food. The coffee is a cheap powder based substance that uses substitute milk and hot water, which not all the time dispenses the proper amount of either. The building blocks off any service signal, so what little songs I have on my phone is my only choice of entertainment for as long as I’m in there.

I step outside in the inconsistent rainy weather, but not enough to need an umbrella. Always exiting with a smile.

Now about the “Perfect Life”. No, some will say I don’t have the perfect life. It’s a good argument to make, but I will always have my opinions on that. If I don’t have the “Perfect Life” then I’d like to say I have the “Perfect Perspective” and that is all I need.


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2014-10-20 04:01:03

I had to read this blog twice to fully understand the message. And even then I am still a little confused by this mysterious, yet enlightening piece.

I will have to read it again... Hang on.

What is the perfect perspective? I would like to know more.

Are you working in a job you don't like? What the hell does your job involve?

I feel like I can relate to some of this.

Keven11Twenty7 responds:

The simplest way to describe this would be every morning I enjoy myself. A nice hot cup of coffee, and a fresh breakfast. I was simple on my example as I described my optimistic and what seemed like a successful life as I went on describing how well I was living.
I explain how some people end up spending, wasting their lives lying around, or letting emotions dictate their life. I then go on an state how much appreciation and optimism I have for the chance to breathe myself.

Once I finish stating that it's time to reveal the truth in what the life surrounding me really consists of. In the reality there is nothing worth to enjoy having to wake up at 4 AM to be a slave in labor, when you always have a cold wet day to look forward to.
What truly is the perfect life? No matter what anyone else thinks I always like to say I live the Perfect Life. It isn't what you own that dictates the happiness in your life. It isn't your wealth or your accomplishments that truly perfects your life.

Wouldn't you say it is how you perceive... that truly determines the quality of the life you live? The quality of anything and everything in what you call, "your life."


2014-10-21 13:04:48

Well I'm going to take your advice and be more content with life. Less political, make music and write books without whining. The problem, it's from being able to experience a range of emotions that we can summon feeling, and when you're writing, your whole life starts to become a hotbed of emotions. Without venting my spleen, I just wouldn't be me.

Perception is a very interesting way of viewing the world. Always seeing the positives and the glass as half full, if you can make all your difficulties dissolve just from the power of perception and positive thinking then you have mastered life my friend.

And now, an example of the perfect life that I hope will make you laugh:

Keven11Twenty7 responds:

Of course there will always be times in your life where you can't help but get angry or depressed for some reason or another. Even reverting back to this doesn't help, because the last thing we want to do as humans, I guess, is take advice on "how to manage ourselves."
I had a 'unique' day today and the last thing I wanted was to think positively and be cheered up, sometimes just staying in that stew of emotions just feels better. Better or not, I don't like having the same emotional outlook. I mean, what am I going to use to write with? I need emotion to write my stories, or other literary materials. It makes words more than just black and white characters, it breathes life into soon to be works of art.
You and I, I'm sure, would be worse off if we didn't have emotions to manipulate into literature.

Whether your life revolves around, ambition, optimism, emotion, or perception is completely up to whomever was lucky enough in this life, to get a life.

The video was of the perfect example of the perfect life. Of coursed I laughed, have never seen anything like it.


2015-10-03 14:01:34

So what is the perfect life again?


2017-08-30 15:14:15

Are you still on Newgrounds, Mr Wolf?